Solomon’s Ring - Space Ocean Drop

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9 ct White Gold
Freely Moving Opal Triplets
Freely Moving Platinum Pebble
Writing revealed inside: Love is Everything 

A beautiful piece of kinetic jewellery with a hidden message, and a relaxation tool all in one ring!

Identical weight, height and width opal triplet stones and one platinum pebble, carefully selected to be set within a cleverly engineered ring, where they move freely across your eternity ring band.

We have left a space between the stones on purpose. This has been done so that each movement of your finger results in stones sliding within your ring, revealing a hidden message underneath, just for you.  

This ring wants to remind you that LOVE IS EVERYTHING 

Fear not, the stones are supported by the ring band and are safe and secure to slide across your finger. What is more (and there is always more in our designs) - every movement of the ring creates a therapeutic sound of opals coming together like pebbles on the seashore, providing a sense of serenity and calm.  Go on, have a look at how it works

You have the ability to customise the message in our rings to anything you desire. A truly unique and special gift for a loved one to remind them of a special date, phrase, quote or memory.

Or simply tell them how much you love them... 

If you are ever in a need of a moment to yourself:
- Move the stones with your fingers 
- Listen to the calming sound of the movement
- Breathe in
- Read the message that is dear to your heart
- Breathe Out

- Relax

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