Kaleidoscopes - Drutis Jewellery Escape


Dream as if back in childhood & Escape the Ordinary…

Our truly unique and patented jewellery Kaleidoscope is a unique piece that wows everyone who gazes inside. So we invite you to feel as if a kid again - dream on, be inspired, be fascinated and trap those feelings, memories and emotions in your Kaleidoscope. Your treasure with a meaning.

The Story Behind the Kaleidoscope

Elena, the Co-Founder of Drutis Jewellery has always loved kaleidoscopes and she built up a collection of these childhood toys from all over. As a family, we used to give her a variety of kaleidoscopes as gifts - antique, modern, tiny small children’s ones and serious rare collectables. At one point we wanted to add a fully-functional jewellery kaleidoscope to the mix, so we decided to create it. 

That is how our flagship Kaleidoscope pendant idea was born - something so classical, old-school and simple as a kaleidoscope invented back in the 18th century, yet something so inventive and creative as a precious gold and stones jewellery piece. A real treasure with a meaning to transport you back to your childhood and let you dream again! Once we designed one, we could never stop… 

We wanted to create something modern and unique, whilst keeping with the idea of jewellery heirlooms and jewellery treasures. Your kaleidoscope can evolve and develop with you, adding on variations of side designs, as well as variations of the inside pattern combinations, due to the latest development of the kaleidoscope. Not only does the Drutis Jewellery client receive a unique piece, but also opportunity for designing your own piece and collecting.

If you want to create a unique colour scheme or theme to your Kaleidoscope to own a piece that will truly be only Yours - get in touch for customisation.

We produce this flagship piece in yellow and white gold, as well as silver and use diamonds, sapphires and semi-precious stones on the outer structure or the inner world of the kaleidoscope.