VICTORY Kaleidoscope & chain

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Victory Kaleidoscope Pendant and Chain

14 ct White Gold

3.6 carats of diamonds

Comes on a white gold chain 

All over decadence meets magic creativity of our Flagship Kaleidoscope pendant

Gaze inside to view the tumbling rubies, emeralds, citrine and sapphires creating mesmerizing patterns that take you back to childhood!

Our truly unique and patented jewellery Kaleidoscope is a unique piece that wows everyone who gazes inside. So we invite you to feel as if a kid again - dream on, be inspired, be fascinated and trap those feelings, memories and emotions in your Kaleidoscope. Your treasure with a meaning.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is simply a beautiful, kaleidoscope-shaped accessory.

However, our creation embodies so much more than this – a fully-functional mini-kaleidoscope, it has been crafted from 18 ct white gold, encrusted in diamonds, and lovingly filled with crisp sapphire glass and playful gemstones - sapphires, emeralds and rubies. 

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