Smart Set & Charms - Drutis Jewellery Smart

Our Smart Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set has a clever mechanism that allows you to switch and change up your jewellery in an instant from Day to Night, Business to Party or simply to suit your mood or the occasion. 

Build your charms collection, as the options are endless and can be customised to your own personal style. Get in touch for your own bespoke design. 

How to Change your Charms:

  • Open the mechanism at the back of your Dreams Pendant or Dreams Earrings
  • Insert your Charm of choice by hooking it onto the stem
  • Close the mechanism back up until you hear a small click 

The Smart Earrings and Pendant can be worn on their own, or with matching or alternate charms. 

Keep one of your Earrings without the charm for playful look, or wear a charm in both for a classic matching set.  

Hook on a charm to your Pendant or even one of your favourite rings through the L version. Purchase 3 of the same charms for a complete set across your Earrings and Pendant. 

Be and feel different every day!