Smart Earrings

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You’d be forgiven to believe at a first glance that these earrings are only a classic design. And they are a classic, however we have lovingly created this piece to be so much more.

Our clever opening mechanism allows for this piece to be transformed into hundreds of options. Day to night, serious to playful, business meeting to black tie event, office to date. Your imagination only is your limit. Get them on their own or pair up with our chain and diamond attachments, chilli charm or opal frames.  

This piece is carefully crafted in 18 ct gold and hand-set with diamonds.

Pair up with our Ring in a respective size and Smart Pendant for a full set that can take you from day to night in a heartbeat and from classic to long or playful with a flick of our opening mechanism.

Earrings come in three diameters, for whatever your taste or look is - S, M and L.

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